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About Tara
Tara (Star, or Drolma in Tibetan), goddess of protection and compassion, is the primary female deity in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon, and one of the most worshipped deities in Tibet. She is saluted in this mantra as the noble, exalted liberator, as the swift and glorious liberator, and as the deity who grants success by removing obstacles and fulfilling all good intentions. In some ways similar to the Virgin Mary in the Catholic tradition, Tara listens to prayers, wants to help human beings, and represents Miraculous Action. She has many manifestations, most notably as Green Tara, goddess of the Earth who overcomes obstacles and saves people from danger, and as White Tara, guardian and deliverer of peace, longevity, and protection. When you say this mantra you cover all the Tara bases, no need to pick just one!

Prayer to Tara

Alas! I do not know either the mystical word or the mystical diagram, nor do I know
the songs of praise to Thee,
nor how to welcome Thee,
nor how to meditate on Thee,
nor how to inform Thee of my distress.  But this much I know, O Mother!  That to take refuge in Thee is to destroy all my miseries.
O My Mothers
All Wonders of My Miraculous Arising
Praise Beyond Compare
Come to my Aid
Now and in All Awe
O Glory
In Fullness so Empty
Shine For Me


Tara Mantra

Om Tare
Tu Tare
Tu Re Swaha

OM - Call of the Universal Buddha Nature
TA - Praise and Thanks
RA - Invocation of Sun and Life vigor
BOO MY - Dismissal of My Ghosts, Devils and negativities
TARA - Invocation of Buddha Mother Beings
AY - Invocation of positivity
RA - Shining of positivity

Tara Protection Mandala

Use for protection or healing.

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