The perfect way is only difficult
for those who pick and choose. 
Do not like, do not dislike
and all is well. 
Make a hairsbreadth of difference,
and heaven and earth are set apart.

Where do thoughts reside?  
In the present moment.  
They may be old thoughts that you thought a million times before.  
They may be brand new ideas. 
Each moment is a new choice, a new moment to think again.  
Who we are today is an accumulation of all the thoughts we have gathered along the way. 
Who we will be tomorrow, is a result of all that we think between now and then.

Listen to the Salutation of the Dawn


So we begin by listening to our own thoughts.  Listening to our own hearts. 
Watching our emotions come and go. 
Taking time to write our thoughts and read them over again. 
We look at the outcomes in our lives and ask, "How did that happen? 
Did I create this reality?"


"Each of us is...capable of out flowing attention and awareness, or withdrawing it. And this is all we need to do: Give full, permissive, loving attention to absolutely everything that we see in our minds, in our bodies, in our environment, in other people.

Expansion in love is an action that is available to every being in the universe all the time. A willing awareness will take us to heaven, a loving attitude will make us free. Nothing else controls our fate..... Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are thinking, love yourself for thinking it. If you are not sure how it feels to be loving, love yourself for not being sure how it feels. There is nothing on earth more important than the love which conscious beings feel towards each other, whether or not it is ever expressed."

"There is no point in worry or wonder about worse or better spiritual conditions, although that game is available. You will not be able to rise above your present vibration level to stay until you love the way you are now."  -Thaddeus Golas The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment
Om Tare Tu Tare Ture SohaOm Nama Shivaya


"Basically you use the creative imaginative faculty of the mind to transform everything, both internally and externally.  The creative imagination in itself is an incredibly powerful force.  If you channel it in the right way it can reach very deep levels of mind which can not be accessed through verbal means or mere analysis.  This is because on a very deep level we think in pictures.  If you are using the pictures that have arisen in an Enlightened mind, somehow that unlocks very deep levels in our minds.

What you are dealing with is images which are a reflection of the deepest qualities within oneself.  They are reflections of one's Buddha mind, therefore they are a skillful means for leading you back to who one really is.  That is why when you practice, things occur and experiences happen."  -Tenzin Palmo Cave in the Snow


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